Do's and Don'ts of Creating A Logo

April 12, 2021
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In a lot of ways, purchasing a plumbing and heating logo can feel like buying a new car. It’s a long-term commitment, expensive, and there are an overwhelming array of options: design choices like color and typography, designers, and design tools. But the process doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can easily get a logo for a reasonable price instead of dishing out hundreds, and there are websites that will help you narrow down everything, whether it’s designers or style preferences. In fact, there are even options now so that you don’t even have to commit to just one designer whose ideas and samples may not live up to your expectations. 

Why do you need a logo?

A logo is a visual representation of your business and communicates who you are in with written text and/or a visual image. The color, text design, and images all give the customer subconscious associations and emotional responses. For example, people often associate the color green with eco-friendly solutions and thin, sleek typography with modern companies.

A good logo will help you… 

Stand Out 

Logos help your business get noticed when added to marketing materials like vehicle wraps, uniforms, and marketing materials. In a stack of mail, a generic flyer would likely get passed over. A good logo and good branding can make a person pause or stand out against the competition. 

It can also help you stand out against the competition.  For instance, if there were two service stickers on an HVAC unit, you’re more likely to notice and call the most eye-catching sticker.

Spark a memory

A good HVAC and plumber logo is instantly recognizable (take McDonald’s golden arches, for example). Someone might not remember your business’ name, but they will likely remember your logo, which might help to spark a memory of your business’ name later on or make them decide to call you solely because of familiarity.

What don’t you need in a logo?

Some things to consider keeping in your logo would be a simple graphic that describes your business and your name. That’s it. Phone number, website, address, multiple unnecessary graphics, complicated unrecognizable graphics can clutter your logo, making it difficult to read when scaling it for marketing materials.

Simplicity Is Key

Across the board small business owners feel they need to put everything and the kitchen sink is in their logo. The thing is this is actually hurting your logo and your business. If you stick to one font, 1-2 colors, and a simple graphic, your logo will actually be more recognizable by customers. Future customers also tend to gravitate towards businesses that have a simple logo. Not to mention in the long run, the more complicated your logo is, the more expensive it could be to reproduce it on marketing materials and apparel for your company.

Create A Brand, Not A Logo

Still fighting the urge to put everything and the kitchen sink in your logo? Think of it this way: your logo will most likely go on everything that already has everything and the kitchen sink on it. For example: If you put your phone number and address in your logo and put it on your business card - your business card should already have your contact information on it as well, so it will not only be duplicating your information but also overwhelm your customers.

Think about creating a brand when you create your logo. What colors do you want your customer to see and recognize you by? What font do you think is easy to read that looks unique and you can use on your website? How will your logo look as a social media profile picture? 

These are questions you can ask yourself so you don’t get too caught up in just building your logo. Yes, your logo is important, but it is how your logo is implemented in your brand that really matters.

How much do plumbing and heating logos cost?

A good logo usually costs anywhere from $200-$500 on average, but you can get decent plumbing and heating logos as cheap as $35. While cheap alternatives like free logo makers and $5 logos on Fiverr are certainly an option, you run the risk of designers plagiarizing other designs and poor design quality, which makes logos virtually useless when used on marketing materials and uniforms.

Plumbing and Heating Logo Design

The first step in deciding on your logo’s design is to decide what you want your business to communicate. What’s most important about your business? Is it family-owned? Professional and licensed? Affordable or highly specialized? Does it offer any specialized services?

A few examples:

This old-fashioned logo communicates that the 

company is established and trustworthy.


This logo’s colors and font communicate that the company offers

modern, eco-friendly solutions long before viewers read the tag line.


Because the orange background mimics a moon and

the background is dark like late night, viewers would

subconsciously associate the company with night  

 and this company would be top of mind for

a late night emergency call.

The way you communicate these ideas is expressed in the following elements: 


Style & Typography

When deciding on your typographic style, ask yourself which font best conveys your customers’  values. Should your typography feel classic or modern? Mature or youthful? Economic or luxurious?



What your company does should be immediately clear from the symbols or graphics you use. Plumbing and heating logo designs might gravitate towards elements used in the trades like pipes and wrenches.


There’s a reason almost every social media app’s icon is blue. Colors can associate a lot subconsciously so brands are careful about which they pick to represent their brand. A few of the most common choices and their associations include: 

Orange: Affordability, creativity, DIY -  like Home Depot

Yellow: happy, optimism

Green: nature and money

Blue: traditional, security, cool, trustworthy professionalism

Black/White: Luxury, cleanliness, power, elegance, sophistication




Your slogan should be short, memorable, and communicate your business’ values or what makes it stand apart. 


Plumbing Slogans

Plumbing slogans are short but memorable phrases. A slogan can be used in all your marketing strategies. The key is having solid word branding that would last in your customer’s mind forever. In plumbing, not all slogans need to be funny or witty but could be other serious emotions. 

A few ideas: 


HVAC Slogans

HVAC slogans can be a smart catchphrase making it an unofficial promise. It’s important to define your business brand with a small group of words. Make your customers understand what's suitable for them from your business ideals.   


A few ideas:


Heating & Plumbing Logo Ideas


If you want to go beyond a simple Google search or spying on your competitors’ designs, you can find a wealth of inspiration on design communities like Dribbble, where professionals go to showcase their work. Here are just a few of our favorite places to get heating and plumbing ideas to get you started:

Free Plumbing and Heating Logos

If you commit to three months of FieldPulse’s business management software, you’re eligible for a free, custom-made logo. 

FieldPulse is an easy-to-use business management app for plumbing and HVAC companies to invoice customers, dispatch their technicians, manage customers, manage payments all for $65/month. Get all the tools you need in one place at a low, straightforward price.

Alternatively, you can create your own logo with an app like Canva, which gives you premade designs you can shape to your liking. Even if you’re not a graphic design expert, Canva makes it easy to get started with detailed tutorials and design advice.

Where To Buy A Plumbing And Heating Logo

When it comes to purchasing a logo, you have several options. First, you can search through a marketplace of designers for someone who matches your style and comb through their portfolios. Websites like 99Designs even let you narrow it down by industry.

Or, if you’d rather avoid the headache of vetting designers, you can let designers come to you by hosting a design contest. With a design contest, you’ll receive 20+ ideas and real-time revisions as designers compete to win based on your feedback. 

Below, we’ve provided a number of options so you can decide what works best for your specific needs whether you’re looking for a cheap option, something specific from a design that embodies your style, or just want to let designers come to you with their ideas. 

  • 99 Designs. There are two ways to get a logo designed on 99designs: work one-on-one with a designer listed inside the marketplace or host a design contest. Design contests start at $299-$1,299 depending on whether you want a logo or entire branding package and what level of experience you want to attract. During contests, you’ll receive 30+ logo designs to choose from based on your specific preferences and you can give real-time feedback to designs.

  • 48 Hours Logo. 48hourslogo is a cheaper alternative to 99designs with a faster turnaround time. Launch a contest for only $29 plus an additional prize fee ranging from $99-$198 and multiple designers will submit logo designs. If you want more designers and better designs, a higher prize will help. You also have the option to request a brand identity package for a higher price where in addition to a logo, the design will provide you with designs for car/truck wraps, social media covers, t-shirts, and business cards.   

  • Fiverr. Fiverr is the cheapest of the options and connects your business with freelance logo designers. Prices range from $5 to $5000 with skill levels of designers ranging from amateur to professional. Pro-Tip:  Make sure to check whether the designer offers a vector image format in addition to more familiar formats like png - if you’re going to be resizing your logo or using it on a t-shirt or uniform, a vector image is essential.

Logo Infinx. Logo Infinx’s basic rate for a design package starts at only $35 for a basic logo and $175 for their most expensive package, which includes social media banners. Your logo would be custom-made by a professional logo design agency offering multiple concepts with a rapid turnaround.

Easy to use,
easy to customize,
and easy on your wallet.