Electrician Salaries By State

July 19, 2021
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The first step any electrical service professional will take while on the hunt for a new position, is to filter employers by specified electrician salary. So, when searching for new talent, electrician company owners should be sure to offer competitive pay rates. Not only will this help ensure you’re paying your people what they’re worth, but a fair electrician salary will also go a long way when attracting top talent in such a competitive industry.

The only problem is, how do you know how much to pay your people? From state to state, electrician salary and hourly wages vary dramatically. Fortunately, there's readily available data that can help you pinpoint what electrician salaries you should offer as per your business location. Whether your electrical service company operates out of a quiet town in Kansas, or in the heart of Miami, we have you covered with a breakdown of electrician salaries by state.

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On Average, How Much Does an Electrician Make?

In the United States, the current average salary of an electrician is $55,579 a year. Outside of the salary average, the average hourly pay amount for an electrician in the United States is $25.16 an hour.

Bear in mind, this average amount was calculated using a vast amount of state- and city-level electrician salary averages across the country. Factors such as local cost of living and current demand to fill electrician positions will significantly impact your business’s location, average salary and hourly amounts.

Take, for instance, the state of Washington. Currently, the average salary and hourly pay amounts for an electrician are roughly 30% higher than the national average, at $73,367 per year or $33.21 per hour. On a more city-specific level, areas such as Kent and Renton offer electrical salary averages of upwards to $94,028 a year.

On the other spectrum, you have states like North Carolina. Currently, the average electrician salaries in North Carolina are 15% lower than the national average, at $48,600 per year or $22.00 per hour. More city-specific areas in North Carolina, such as Jacksonville and Greensboro, offer downwards of $47,205 average yearly salary amounts for electricians.

Electrician Salary Averages By State

Now that we've addressed just how widely electrical salaries can vary between locations, it’s best to break down each state's average to gain a better understanding of what you should be offering potential employees. Keep in mind, as with any trade position, specific salary amounts for the electrician position you wish to fill will also depend on the level of expertise, education and experience necessary for the role.

From Master Electrician positions to beginner apprenticeships, we’ve compiled a list of the most recent electrician salaries by state.

  1. Alabama: $55,579/year, $22.75/hour
  2. Alaska: $93,836/year, $42.47/hour
  3. Arizona: $58,386/year, $26.41/hour
  4. Arkansas: $53,466/year, $24.20/hour
  5. California: $64,569/year, $29.23/hour
  6. Colorado: $63,304/year, $28.65/hour
  7. Connecticut: $71,760/year, $32.48/hour
  8. Delaware: $56,312/year, $25.49/hour
  9. Florida: $45,573/year, $20.63/hour
  10. Georgia: $48,678/year, $22.03/hour
  11. Hawaii: $77,872/year, $35.25/hour
  12. Idaho: $53,802/year, $24.35/hour
  13. Illinois: $57,760/year, $26.14/hour
  14. Indiana: $51,294/year, $23.22/hour
  15. Iowa: $43,769/year, $19.81/hour
  16. Kansas: $49,795/year, $22.54/hour
  17. Kentucky: $49,327/year, $22.33/hour
  18. Louisiana: $48,790/year, $22.08/hour
  19. Maine: $68,134/year, $30.84/hour
  20. Maryland: $56,028/year, $25.36/hour
  21. Massachusetts: $76,480/year, $34.62/hour
  22. Michigan: $55,909/year, $25.31/hour
  23. Minnesota: $45,855/year, $20.76/hour
  24. Mississippi: $51,517/year, $23.32/hour
  25. Missouri: $50,495/year, $22.86/hour
  26. Montana: $73,856/year, $33.43/hour
  27. Nebraska: $51,319/year, $23.23/hour
  28. Nevada: $57,586/year, $26.07/hour
  29. New Hampshire: $71,066/year, $32.17/hour
  30. New Jersey: $60,901/year, $27.57/hour
  31. New Mexico: $58,509/year, $26.48/hour
  32. New York: $56,091/year, $25.39/hour
  33. North Carolina: $48,600/year, $22.00/hour
  34. North Dakota: $43,655/year, $19.76/hour
  35. Ohio: $50,706/year, $22.96/hour
  36. Oklahoma: $51,305/year, $23.22/hour
  37. Oregon: $81,172/year, $36.74/hour
  38. Pennsylvania: $51,867/year, $23.49 hour
  39. Rhode Island: $75,893/year, $34.35/hour
  40. South Carolina: $46,779/year, $21.17/hour
  41. South Dakota:$44,204/year, $20.01/hour
  42. Tennessee: $46,311/year, $20.97/hour
  43. Texas: $48,163/year, $21.80/hour
  44. Utah: $50,405/year, $22.81/hour
  45. Vermont: $54,179/year, $24.52/hour
  46. Virginia: $53,147/year, $24.06/hour
  47. Washington: $73,367/year, $33.21/hour
  48. West Virginia: $51,720/year, $23.41/hour
  49. Wisconsin: $55,952/year, $25.33/hour
  50. Wyoming: $71,674/year, $31.44/hour

Top 10 Highest Paying States and Current Job Availability

As you can tell by the above breakdown, the average salary of an electrician will vary widely depending on the specific location of an electrical service company. However, it's important to note that a higher salary for the role doesn’t always correlate to a higher demand for the role. Take a look at the top 10 highest paying states for electrician salaries as well as the current job availability in each location.

  1. Alaska: $93,836/year, $42.47/hour, 57 jobs
  2. Oregon: $81,172/year, $36.74/hour, 312 jobs
  3. Hawaii: $77,872/year, $35.25/hour, 50 jobs
  4. Massachusetts: $76,480/year, $34.62/hour, 447 jobs
  5. Rhode Island: $75,893/year, $34.35/hour, 45 jobs
  6. Montana: $73,856/year, $33.43/hour, 63 jobs
  7. Washington: $73,367/year, $33.21/hour, 487 jobs
  8. Connecticut: $71,760/year, $32.48/hour, 168 jobs
  9. Wyoming: $71,674/year, $31.44/hour, 57 jobs
  10. New Hampshire: $71,066/year, $32.17/hour, 90 jobs

Cities with the Highest Electrician Salaries in Each State

With a thorough understanding of what the average electrician salary is for your state, let's explore how city-specific locations compare to their state’s average. This data is especially important for electrical service company owners to remember, since city-based averages can vary just as significantly as state-based averages. This discrepancy in pay amounts is often attributed to local population and cost of living.

Across the United States, the top three highest-paying cities for electricians were Kodiak, AK ($123,215/year), Metuchen, NJ ($117,758/year), and Hillsboro, OR ($106,811/year). Although these city averages are way above the national average, this won’t always be the case for most U.S. city locations. With the average U.S. electrician salary average salary of $55,579 a year or $25.16 hourly, let's take a look at how the highest paying cities in each state compare to your expected salary offering.

  • Decatur, AL: $90,989/year, $41.18/hour
  • Kodiak, AK: $123,215/year, $55.77/hour
  • Peoria, AZ: $65,025/year, $29.43/hour
  • Lowell, AR: $61,008/year, $27.61/hour
  • San Francisco, CA: $77,402/year, $35.03/hour
  • Arvada, CO: $104,777/year, $47.43/hour
  • Bridgeport, CT: $84,694/year, $38.33/hour
  • Dover, DE: $65,645/year, $29.71/hour
  • Naples, FL: $49,154/year, $22.25/hour
  • Marietta, GA: $80,124/year, $36.27/hour
  • Pearl Harbor, HI: $90,104/year, $40.78/hour
  • Burley, ID: $104,866/year, $47.47/hour
  • Schaumburg, IL: $63,001/year, $28.52/hour
  • Elkhart, IN: $65,000/year, $29.42/hour
  • Clive, IA: $70,872/year, $32.08/hour
  • Overland Park, KS: $68,945/year, $31.31/hour
  • Frankfort, KY: $62,363/year, $28.23/hour
  • Broussard, LA: $64,692/year, $29.28/hour
  • Augusta, ME: $83,694/year, $37.88/hour
  • Towson, MD: $76,166/year, $34.47/hour
  • Auburn, MA: $88,552/year, $40.08/hour
  • Detroit, MI: $63,505/year, $28.74/hour
  • Dilworth, MN: $91,245/year, $43.40/hour
  • Tupelo, MS: $61,961/year, $28.05/hour
  • St. Louis, MO: $56,753/year, $25.69/hour
  • Miles City, MT: $104,376/year, $47.24/hour
  • Wahoo, NE: $68,000/year, $30.78/hour
  • Nellis AFB, NV: $72,467/year, $32.80/hour
  • Auburn, NH: $86,950/year, $39.36/hour
  • Metuchen, NJ: $117,758/year,  $54.30/hour
  • Las Cruces, NM: $72,473/year, $32.80/hour  
  • Manhattan, NY: $75,547/year, $34.19/hour
  • Clayton, NC: $93,261/year, $42.21/hour
  • Beulah, ND: $91,466/year, $41.40/hour
  • Toledo, OH: $59,716/year, $27.03/hour
  • Altus AFB, OK: $58,340/year, $26.41/hour
  • Hillsboro, OR: $106,811/year, $48.35/hour
  • Nazareth, PA: $63,412/year, $28.70/hour
  • Providence, RI: $81,396/year, $36.84/hour
  • Spartanburg, SC: $52,610/year, $23.81/hour
  • Sioux Falls, SD: $60,317/year, $27.30/hour
  • Memphis, TN: $54,275/year, $24.57/hour
  • Odessa, TX: $58,248/year, $26.36/hour
  • Ogden, UT: $67,683/year, $30.64/hour
  • Brattleboro, VT: $66,697/year, $30.19/hour
  • Arlignton, VA: $59.801/year, $27.07/hour
  • Kent, WA: $94,028/year, $42.56/hour
  • Moundsville, WV $60,928/year, $27.58/hour
  • Racine, WI: $70,504/year, $31.91/hour
  • Douglas, WY: $83,921/year, $37.98/hour
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