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Facebook Marketing For Plumbers: Posts and Ads with Examples

Facebook Marketing For Plumbers: Posts and Ads with Examples

March 24, 2021
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Creating an plumbing Facebook account

For plumbing, Facebook can be used to connect with potential customers on a more personal, direct level, but that doesn’t mean you should be using your personal Facebook account to promote your business. Thankfully, Facebook allows you to create business accounts, entirely separate from your personal page.

Business accounts allow you to feature your contact information, pertinent information about your business and its services, and post ads. This means you can communicate with your customers directly, so they can get their questions answered quickly and feel connected to you and your business. Plus, they can even call or send a message from that page, which again ensures that their queries are addressed as fast as possible, and means more business for you. 

Plumbing social media posts

There isn’t a perfect template for plumbing Facebook posts we can give you that will guarantee hundreds of likes and more business inquiries than you can handle, but there are some general tips and tricks to keep in mind when creating a post or ad on your business page.

First, it’s important to keep things simple. For example, you can create social media posts that advertise specific services you offer, but you shouldn’t make them too difficult for customers to parse. They might not have the same knowledge about certain terms, and so they won’t know if what you’re offering is what they need if you use words that are too technical. Keep an eye and an ear out for common terms that customers use when they come in or contact you for business, and use that same verbiage when making ads.

On a similar note, make sure that the path customers take from seeing your Facebook posts to making an appointment or going to your website is clear. Always include relevant links or phone numbers in your social media posts, so when a customer sees a post advertising a service they need, they don’t need to go searching on your page or Google to find out how to get more information from you. The quicker they can contact you, the quicker you’ll get their business.

It also helps to have a general idea of what to do when something on your Facebook page goes wrong. You could have a broken link that leads nowhere, a typo in a post, or Facebook could update and the whole page looks different. Stay vigilant and look up in advance how to do things like edit posts and fix your website links, so you have a solution ready and can quickly fix what you need to so you don’t lose any business in the meantime.

As for what to post, we’ve provided plumbing social media ideas you can use when deciding what to post to get the ideas flowing:

Showcase your work

One of the best ways to bring in customers is showcasing great work. This is a pretty simple tactic, and all just depends on the quality of photos you take. This can be before and after photos, photos of your team hard at work, or updates of jobs in progress. This is also a great way to highlight services you offer that your current customers might not be aware of.


SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/highpriorityplumbing/

Inspire trust

Most likely, a family is allowing you into their home. Be someone who inspires trust and respect. This can be done in a variety of ways. One of the most simple suggestions is to post reviews, videos of clients’ reactions to your work, throwbacks to when you were just starting out to show how long your business has been around and how professional it is now, or awards or certificates you’ve earned.


SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/PlumberProService

Share your knowledge

Let potential customers know you’re an authority in your field! It’s a sure-fire way to build rapport with your social media followers. Post home improvement or safety tips. For example: The average homeowner probably doesn’t know they shouldn’t run a cord under a rug because it prevents the cord from releasing heat and could lead to a fire. You can also answer frequent questions and give tips on how to prepare for service visits. You could even provide statistics, like the most common issues you fixed that year.

SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/PlumbingDallastx/

Show your fun side

Social media doesn’t have to be business all day, every day. Many contractors fail to show their personal side on social media – or they may post too many funny posts and forget to post business ones. Either way, balance is key. Make sure you’re posting fun gifs, plumbing memes or gifs, and other light hearted content like quizzes and trivia just as often as you’re posting about your business and work. Have fun! This is a great way to showcase your company culture and down-to-earth personality.


SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/LiszeskiPlumbing/

Share exclusives

Share deals and promotions that can only be found on social media to inspire followers to follow and regularly check in on your social media channels. Social media channels can be a great amplifier for deals, specials, or new services. You can also use social media for fun giveaways or contests. This is a great way to engage your audience while also promoting your brand and encourage people looking up your business who stumbled across your page to make an appointment.


SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/plumbingafterhours/

Put a face to your business

Take followers behind the scenes so they know you’re real people . Showcase your personality, team, their families, and who people are beyond their job. This is something that’s often overlooked. People feel more motivated to work with someone they feel like they know.

Allow your audience to get to know you through your social media channels by showing day in the life photos, pics from your favorite hardware store or supply house, or even recommendations for products or tools you love. If your customer doesn’t mind their pet becoming a social media sensation, you could even take a photo with their pet with the caption “I had a great helper today.


SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/PlumberProService/

Create graphics users will want to share

Free tools like Canva makes creating graphics super easy, and you can use these graphics to share motivational quotes, fun facts and trivia about plumbing, or wish people happy holidays.


SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/PlumbingRepairDallas/

Connect with the community

Your community is incredibly important to your business – both virtual and physical. Be sure you’re supporting (non-competitor) businesses, events, and also engaging with your followers on your channels.

  • Shout out your top customers or followers who interact with you the most
  • Promote non-competing businesses’ specials and discounts
  • Recommend local businesses, like restaurants
  • Post your support for a local cause
  • Promote a local event and/or post pictures of you or your team at a local event (e.g. giving out toys, networking, trade show)
SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/PlumberProService/

Plumbing Facebook ads

Posting on Facebook and having a business account cost nothing, and can be very effective on their own when advertising on Facebook. However, Facebook does offer paid advertising services for business that can help your posts reach a wider audience and therefore bring in more business.

If you want your plumber Facebook posts and your business account to reach more people, there’s an option on your page where you can “boost” your posts. For a fee, Facebook can take a post of your choosing (typically one that features your website and some general information about your business) and put it on people’s Facebook homepages, whether they search for plumbers or your business specifically or not.

You can tailor who sees the boosted page to an extent, making sure that only people in your area are targeted, or people of a certain age group or gender. More people will see your page, and therefore more people will visit your website and know that there is a plumber in their area that they can call the next time they need plumbing services. 

Plumbing ad examples

The best plumbing ads for Facebook you can boost will prominently feature your website or contact information. This ensures that anyone who sees the post will know how to contact you, or where to go to find out more about you and your business. Pictures are also helpful. They should be eye-catching, and feature you or your team, so potential customers will be able to put faces to the name of your business.

It also fosters a more personal connection. Customers see that there is a real human behind the business, and they’ll know that they will be working with someone who takes the business personally. Finally, the shorter the better. People don’t go on Facebook to read essays. Your plumbing ads should be to the point, whether that is a blurb about you and your business, or about a specific service or deal you offer. The less people need to read to get the information they want, the better!

A few great examples from around the web:


Source: https://www.facebook.com/clarkeplumbingatlanta/


Source: https://www.facebook.com/EinsteinsPlumbing/


Source: https://www.facebook.com/publicserviceplumbers/

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