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Gift Ideas for the Tradesman in Your Life

December 22, 2020
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Tradesmen and women are the backbone of our society — keeping the lights on, making sure we’re warm, and creating the very buildings where we live and work.

That’s why it’s important to show these tradespeople a little extra love. Not sure what to get them? We’ve got you covered.

Below are some fun and exciting gift ideas for tradesmen we know they’ll love.

Fun Gifts for Plumbers

Waterproof iPad Case

This case will help make sure that any essential electronics are splash-proof for every scenario. We love this gift because it shows how much you value their work, and want to keep their tools safe and running smoothly.

Portable Auger

Opening drains, sinks, and tubs are a consistent part of every plumber’s routine. Give them a brand-new portable drain auger to replace old, worn-out ones. Whatever the job, this is a must-have tool.

Plumber’s Whiskey Glass

The main tradesperson in your life will love all the details in the design of this glass. With a unique plumbing theme, this whiskey glass makes an excellent stocking stuffer.

Funny Sweaters

We could all use a laugh every now and then. Keep your plumber friends cozy this holiday season with this funny Plumbers Hourly Rate sweater. Whether it’s for your significant other’s birthday, an office Christmas party, or a News Year’s present, this sweater is sure to have your friends in stitches (pun intended).

Gifts for Electricians

Professional Grade Kneepads

Being a career electrician can be notoriously hard on the knees — bending in all manner of positions to get to that elusive fuse. These Professional Grade Gel Knee Pads help ease the pressure off the joints and provide a cozy cushion for the kneecaps. Who wouldn’t want pillows for their knees?

Gyro Screwdriver

What if there were a screwdriver that could listen and adjust to your movements? Well now there is. The Black and Decker Gyro Screwdriver will make your favorite electrician’s day easier with features that change direction and speed according to their wrist motion. But wait, there’s more! It’s lithium battery will work for 18 months before recharging. Ah-mazing.

Magnetic Wristband

Being an electrician means spending a lot of time hunting through kits, gear bags, and aprons to find what you need. This magnetic wristband takes the hassle out of hunting, and keeps all your small magnetic materials, literally, within arm’s reach. It features a universal socket wrench, neodymium magnets, and an adjustable grip.

The Perfect Knife

Cutting or stripping wires is an almost daily ritual in every job, which means that having a knife suited to the task can make a world of difference. This knife has a 3.4” AUS-8 Blade with a UTP wire stripper in the handle, meaning that it’s cut-out (see what we did there?) for whatever the job may throw your way.

HVAC Tech Gifts

The Perfect Work Gloves

Working in the HVAC industry involves many metal parts, pieces, and units that can be dangerous on bare hands. Equip your favorite HVAC Tech with the perfect set of work gloves. These gloves will protect their hands from sharp edges and corners, while also gripping the units to avoid sliding.

Mini-Split Bib Kit

As an HVAC Tech, cleaning and maintaining units such as mini-split blower wheels and coils is a daily ritual. This Mini-Split Bib Kit will speed up the process by allowing the user to utilize pressurized water when cleaning while also keeping it away from other surfaces. Make cleaning quick and easy by directing the leftover water into a five gallon bucket.

Airflow Meter

This portable airflow meter connects to your smartphone or tablet, and has the ability to collect, record, and send information about the indoor or outdoor temperature airflow to your device. It can also measure airflow velocity, volume, wet and dry bulb temperatures, and more!

Gifting the tradesmen and women in your life with fun and helpful presents is an excellent way to bring cheer during any special occasion! Want to help make their days easier with less paperwork? Find out how FieldPulse can help any field service company thrive and grow.

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