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HVAC Invoices: Templates & Comprehensive Guide

HVAC Invoices: Templates & Comprehensive Guide

March 23, 2022
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hvac service order invoice

It’s easy to treat HVAC invoices like an afterthought when you start an HVAC business. By the time technicians are finally finished with a job and know customers are happy with their work, HVAC service invoices seem like the last formality that stands between getting paid and moving on to the next job. So, technicians rush through the process; treating invoices like a receipt instead of taking the time to recap the work completed in professional detail.

While this is understandable, it can do your business a disservice – especially in the HVAC industry. After you leave, customers generally only know one thing about the work you performed: whether or not it fixed their air conditioning or heating problem. For everything else, customers have to rely on their impressions of HVAC businesses, like whether technicians seemed professional and trustworthy, to decide how they felt about the experience or service.

What better way to reflect your business’s repute than professional invoices recapping the work you did?

With this guide, you can transform your HVAC service invoices from a bill listing how much a customer owes into a clear representation of your good business practices. We also provide an invoice template that can be customized to your business’s exact needs and tips for using HVAC software to streamline the overall invoicing processes.

Foster Trust and Loyalty With Your Invoices

hvac invoicing softwareBesides your work, an HVAC invoice is the last impression of your business customers are left with and tends to reflect the work you’ve done. A professional, detailed HVAC invoice can convey that you take pride in your work and assure customers that the quality and extent of work align with what they paid, something they may not realize on their own given that HVAC service specifics aren’t common information.

For example, you can list everything that goes into routine maintenance and why routine maintenance is important to later help you upsell maintenance agreements or prevent churn. Or, for an air conditioning installation, you might detail everything that went into the service so the customer feels their money was well-spent.

This will not only minimize potential conflicts and miscommunication between your company and your recipient but also leave customers with a positive overall impression of you and your business.

This increases the chances that you’ll be the first person on their mind when their HVAC system breaks or HVAC units run into issues – or even when friends ask for recommendations on heating and cooling or other HVAC services.

A loyal customer that’s happy with the service provided is much more likely to remember your company name, contact info, hard work, and feel comfortable with the costs and prices they’ve paid.

Below, we’ve outlined how to create the perfect HVAC invoice as well as provided a free HVAC invoice template that’s professional and easy to edit!

We also have a detailed guide to creating HVAC estimates and winning more customers for them.

Streamline & Automate Invoicing With HVAC Software

While service business invoice templates can make your business look more professional, they don’t necessarily make the invoicing process faster or less expensive. You still have to manually write down services and materials for every job, calculate totals, and then follow up with customers individually long after the job is finished.

Luckily, HVAC apps like FieldPulse can streamline this process, making it easy to create an HVAC service invoice and automatically follow up with customers in just a few clicks without repetitive manual entry.

hvac maintenance agreement contractThe invoicing software provided by FieldPulse is easy to use for your HVAC technicians, and allows you to include HVAC forms, dates and records of any service call, lists and names of HVAC equipment that specific customer ordered, contact details, additional services, payment terms, service calls, and more! It’s as simple to use as Google Docs or Google Sheets, helping you save time while getting paid quickly. All the information is kept in one place where you can keep track of your billing, forms, repairs, receipts, and more.

Instead of writing down services and materials for every job, every time, you can add them to a repository once and insert them into invoices as needed. This allows for quicker, more detailed invoicing that explains services rendered in a way that customers understand and reassures them the job was not only done right but thoroughly. This strategy increases convenience and quality for invoice creation at the same time.

You can also avoid spending hundreds of dollars a year on paper, ink, and lost time— because time is most definitely money, especially in the HVAC industry.

hvac invoicing software

There are a number of additional advantages an HVAC invoice app can provide including but not limited to:

  • Electronic payments and signatures
  • Payment status tracking
  • Automatically calculated subtotals, tax, and totals
  • Customer management
  • The ability to pull from a repository of commonly used invoice line items
  • Conversion of proposals and estimates directly to invoices
  • Email templates for payment status and lead generation that can be automatically filled out from customer data
  • The ability to automatically pull up invoices in case of disputes
  • Centralization of HVAC maintenance agreements and other important forms

Free HVAC Invoice Template

Below, we’ve provided several customized invoice templates HVAC contractors can use to bill customers. Simply click on the link below to access our free invoice template download. Then, after downloading the invoice, open the document in a spreadsheet program like Google sheets.

Once the HVAC invoice template file is open, you can select a free invoice template from the several options available. When it’s time to print, the HVAC invoice template will automatically re-size to fit the page!

Download your free HVAC invoice template now:

free hvac invoice templates

How Do I Make An Invoice for HVAC?

Including the right information in your HVAC service order invoice will help you avoid a number of common invoicing mistakes such as unclear terms and late payments.

Invoices should all include the following information:

hvac invoice template

‘Invoice’ is stated clearly

The word ‘invoice’ and its number should be printed clearly at the top of the page. A clear indication that the sheet is an invoice makes it obvious to clients that this is the final bill and not an estimate. As well, numbering the invoice at the top where it’s easy to see will make it easy for you to keep track of documents and save you time should you need to reference this document in the future in case of a conflict.

An easy way to pay

Generally, clients are more likely to pay on time when it’s easy for them to pay and clear expectations are set about when payments are due. That means every invoice should clearly state the date the invoice was issued, when the due date for any payments, how exactly customers can pay, and to whom they should pay as well as any fees that may be accumulated from late payments. You’ll get paid faster and the client is more likely to respond quickly!

A simple way to contact you

Always include contact information on your invoices. This includes your business name, phone number, email, social media, and address if applicable. Oftentimes, customers will keep a businesses HVAC service invoice on hand making it the easiest way for them to contact you if they run into issues or want additional work done.

A complete cost break down

hvac invoice templateSimple, transparent pricing goes a long way in building trust and increasing the chance of future work. While it may be obvious to you that a condenser coil needs to be cleaned in order to ensure a customer’s system functions properly, customers may see it as an unnecessary add-on to hike up the price. So, it’s important to explain the full value of services rendered and materials used. Instead of simply saying you cleaned the condenser coil, point out that it was chemically cleaned because the air conditioning system was low on charge and not cooling properly.

Don’t be afraid to include complementary services rendered that you don’t charge for directly, like checking and verifying the system’s electrical components. This paints an easy-to-understand picture of the work you did and your expertise.

Regulated information

In addition to the aforementioned information, you should include any regulated information that may need to be included, like your license number. Also, include any sales tax and VAT if your company is VAT-registered.


Ensure future work by offering customers a discount on their next maintenance visit or inviting them to refer a friend for a discount. The next time someone asks for a recommendation, they’ll be reminded of your referral program.

HVAC Invoice Example

Below, we’ve created an example HVAC invoice using the templates and guidelines outlined above. This invoice includes all the company’s contact details including the business name, phone number, and address. Then, below you can see ‘Invoice’ clearly labeled as well as the date and invoice number. Further down, there’s a section for customer details with a refer a friend discount offer. Services provided are also detailed in the middle with any applicable taxes, accepted payment methods, and all costs and discounts applied listed at the bottom.

HVAC Invoice Example

Want this template? Download our free HVAC invoice templates.

HVAC Business Software

If you want to take your business to the next level, you’ll need to move beyond using an invoice template. Instead, you’ll want to use full-featured HVAC business software that centralizes your business’ pricebook, customer list, schedule, billing, forms, and other paperwork.

hvac business softwareWith FieldPulse’s HVAC software, you can do just that. Your HVAC business will be able to take payments and get contracts signed instantly. You can easily create and manage HVAC maintenance contacts. Customer information is all in one place so you have easy access to customer payment information and which invoices still need to be paid. Pull up HVAC service order invoices and other forms with ease and see what HVAC work was completed. Quickly view dates for future repairs, collect and pull up a signed maintenance agreement. Track costs and profit. Store prices and common services for HVAC work. Even automate your business’ customer communications.

Want to discover what else FieldPulse’s HVAC software can solve for your business? Sign up for a free trial or a demo to explore FieldPulse’s full suite of features.

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