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HVAC Jokes and Memes – 25 of the Best We’ve Found

HVAC Jokes and Memes – 25 of the Best We’ve Found

September 6, 2018
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Whether you’re a business owner or an HVAC tech, sometimes you have to take a step back from the work and have a good laugh. So we rounded up the Top 25 best HVAC jokes and memes we could find. We tried to find jokes about the job, AC systems, heating system repair, AC repair, and daily life. Each one has social sharing links, so feel free to share this article or post your favorite meme!

1. MissionImpossibleTheme.mp3

Definitely don’t get paid enough for that. Want to know how much you can get paid as an HVAC tech? Take a look at our HVAC Technician Salary Guide.


2. “It’s never the TXV” – Dr. House



3. This one’s practically roomy

If you don’t have to literally yank them out by their feet, is it really tight? Those crawlspaces really put a strain on your body and so do a lot of other parts of the job, take a look at our roundup of Common HVAC Health Issues and see how you can prevent these from hurting you in the long run.

This one

4. Saving Helper Ryan

Sometimes the job site can feel like a real war zone via 945hvacoutlaw

Saving Helper Ryan

5. Strike the pose

Maybe it’s finally time to replace that…via hvacbros. Check out our 5 Signs You May Need to Replace Your HVAC System.

Strike the pose

6. In before ‘home warranty’

We just replaced this furnace. Yeah in 1997…If you want to know how to make sure you’re protected, take a look at our guide to Service Contracts & Warranties.

In before

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7. When customers expect you to moonlight as a landscaper

Shout out to everyone who’s missed the unit the first time they walked around the house

When customers expect you to moonlight as a landscaper

8. Never be the smallest guy on the team

Skinny guys should make extra. Take a look at our HVAC Technician Salary Guide and find out how much you can get paid.

Never be the smallest guy on the team

9. It’s even worse when you told them exactly where the item is

What do you mean being told “it’s on a shelf in the van” isn’t descriptive enough? via electrician_nation To make sure you’re not missing anything, check out our top HVAC truck essentials.


10. Or a week ago.

Me to the helper: “Quietly now. Let us hope that our presence may go unnoticed.”

Or a week ago.

11. When you let the helper run the call

‘Twas a crime. Speaking of…did you know HVAC techs are experiencing rising crime rates?

When you let the helper run the call

12. Bingo!

Are there any we missed? Create your own HVAC Bingo Card.


13. Yeah, five years ago.

I don’t even want to see the filters. Here’s our guide to managing HVAC maintenance contracts like a pro.

Yeah, five years ago.

14. Say what again.

via hvacknowitall I dare you, I double dare you. You definitely need invoicing software to have your back when a customer says this.

Say what again.

15. Carpentry 101: Always build over the unit.

It could be worse…via HVAC Comedy. Speaking of green…take a look at our guide to Green HVAC Technology and everything you need to know about it.

Carpentry 101: Always build over the unit.

16. It’s been 84 years.

See also: Me stepping out of the building I’ve been working in during summer.


17. Uh oh

But bigger numbers are always better right? via r/HVAC

Uh oh

18. Just needs a lil freon.

No, really, it’ll buff right out. When customers need a little extra convincing, use our Good, Better, Best Proposals to seal the deal.

Just needs a lil freon.

19. Schrödinger’s van

And it’s always right after you clean it out. Make sure your van gets clean and stays that way with our Van Setup guide.


20. When the HVAC guy isn’t going to be there until Monday

If it works, it works. Make sure this never happens to your customers with the job scheduling software you need.

When the HVAC guy isn

21. It’s over, it’s done

via HVACKnowit All Yes, Mister Frodo. It’s over now. Make sure you can manage your jobs like a pro with our job management software.


22. the_sound_of_silence.mp3

via r/HVAC Shout out to everyone’s spouse who could pass the journeyman’s test by this point. Next time, send them this article so they know exactly what you’re talking about. No more smiling and nodding.

Digital Marketing Guide for Contractors-2018

23. Ohhh!

High fives all around via 945hvacoutlaw


24. When “It’ll stop bleeding” doesn’t work

There’s nothing a napkin, electrical tape, and some super glue can’t fix. Or better yet, don’t get hurt at all…take a look at our guide to avoiding those common HVAC health issues you hate.

When “It’ll stop bleeding” doesn’t work

25. It’s fiiine

It’s always your last call on a Friday via 945hvacoutlaw


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