HVAC Technician Salaries By State

June 23, 2021
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As customer's cooling systems start to crank on across the nation, the demand for HVAC services is just starting to skyrocket. With this increased demand, many HVAC companies may need to hire a few extra hands to ensure that workflow remains fluid. To attract the top talent in your area, you’ll want to make sure you’re paying your employees a fair wage.

Various factors, such as the cost of living and current industry demand, can significantly influence state-to-state salary and hourly pay amounts across the U.S.. Fortunately, recurring job data reports make it simple for business owners to pinpoint the exact amount that should be offered to potential new employees.

Whether your HVAC business is located on a beach town in Hawaii or smack in the middle of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, we’ve got you covered with a state-to-state breakdown of HVAC technicians salaries across the United States. To determine what to pay your people, check out these HVAC technician wage statistics.

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On Average, How Much Does an HVAC Technician Make?

In 2021, the average base salary for HVAC technicians in the United States is $47,279 a year. This yearly salary amount can be translated into an average hourly amount of $23.59 an hour.

However, it’s important to remember that while this is a nationwide average, it may not accurately reflect your company's specific operating location. Since many factors, including the current demand for jobs and local cost of living, will impact geographic-specific wages, we recommend you do a bit of personal research.

For example, the state of Maine currently offers entry-level HVAC technicians an average base salary of $54,856 a year — roughly 16% higher than the national average. Certain city-specific locations in Maine, such as Scarborough and Augusta, can even offer upwards to $67,592 a year, which is roughly 35% higher than the national average.

On the other hand, the state of Arkansas is currently offering HVAC technicians an average base salary of $41,529. This yearly pay is approximately 12% lower than the national average. Arkansas city locations, including Bryant and Osceola, are offering an even smaller base salary of roughly $37,883 a year.

HVAC Technician Salary and Hourly Averages By State

Though the national HVAC technician salary average can be helpful in understanding a general pay range for the position, breaking down each state’s average helps pinpoint what you should be offering potential employees more specifically. Bear in mind, specific salary amounts for open positions may vary depending on the level of experience and certification necessary.

For the average salary and hourly wages of general HVAC technicians per state, refer to this list.

  • Alabama: $41,572/year, $20.74/hour
  • Alaska: $56,218/year, $28.05/hour
  • Arizona: $50,541/year, $25.22/hour
  • Arkansas: $41,529/year, $20.72/hour
  • California: $51,478/year, $25.68/hour
  • Colorado: $53,864/year, $26.87/hour
  • Connecticut: $57,427/year, $28.65/hour
  • Delaware: $49,314/year, $25.60/hour
  • Florida: $43,132/year, $21.52/hour
  • Georgia: $42,694/year, $21.30/hour
  • Hawaii: $49,463/year, $24.68/hour
  • Idaho: $42,334/year, $21.12/hour
  • Illinois: $50,532/year, $25.21/hour
  • Indiana: $45,042/year, $22.47/hour
  • Iowa: $46,171/year, $23.04/hour
  • Kansas: $44,977/year, $22.44/hour
  • Kentucky: $45,771/year, $22.84/hour
  • Louisiana: $43,622/year, $21.76/hour
  • Maine: $54,856/year, $27.37/hour
  • Maryland: $51,901/year, $25.89/hour
  • Massachusetts: $55,745/year, $27.81/hour
  • Michigan: $44,522/year, $22.21/hour
  • Minnesota: $51,848/year, $25.87/hour
  • Mississippi: $40,741/year, $20.33/hour
  • Missouri: $47,112/year, $23.51/hour
  • Montana: $48,160/year, $24.03/hour
  • Nebraska: $50,356/year, $25.12/hour
  • Nevada: $44,782/year, $22.34/hour
  • New Hampshire: $57,079/year, $28.48/hour
  • New Jersey: $49,550/year, $24.72/hour
  • New Mexico: $46,848/year, $23.37/hour
  • New York: $49,750/year, $24.82/hour
  • North Carolina: $42,955/year, $21.43/hour
  • North Dakota: $52,496/year, $26.19/hour
  • Ohio: $47,447/year, $23.67/hour
  • Oklahoma: $43,317/year,  $21.61/hour
  • Oregon: $53,173/year, $26.53/hour
  • Pennsylvania: $49,766/year, $24.83/hour
  • Rhode Island: $56,171/year, $28.02/hour
  • South Carolina: $45,092/year, $22.50/hour
  • South Dakota: $45,043/year, $22.47/hour
  • Tennessee: $42,991/year, $21.45/hour
  • Texas: $44,907/year, $22.41/hour
  • Utah: $45,982/year, $22.94/hour
  • Vermont: $54,599/year, $27.24/hour
  • Virginia: $48,679/year, $24.29/hour
  • Washington: $54,757/year, $27.32/hour
  • West Virginia: $47,330/year, $23.61/hour
  • Wisconsin: $49,536/year, $24.71/hour
  • Wyoming: $49,298/year, $24.60/hour

Top 10 Highest Paying States and Current Job Availability

Judging by the above list, it’s clear that salary averages can vary quite significantly across the nation. As for the states with the highest salary amount, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the position is in heavy demand. In some circumstances, the cost of living can be dramatically more expensive, or there may be a smaller talent pool of qualified candidates.

Take a look at the top 10 highest paying states for HVAC technician salaries as well as the current job availability per state.

  1. Connecticut: $57,427/year, $28.65/hour, 228 jobs
  2. New Hampshire: $57,079/year, $28.48/hour, 122 jobs
  3. Alaska: $56,218/year, $28.05/hour, 22 jobs
  4. Rhode Island: $56,171/year, $28.02/hour, 51 jobs
  5. Massachusetts: $55,745/year, $27.81/hour, 613 jobs
  6. Maine: $54,856/year, $27.37/hour, 89 jobs
  7. Washington: $54,757/year, $27.32/hour, 477 jobs
  8. Vermont: $54,599/year, $27.24/hour, 33 jobs
  9. Colorado: $53,864/year, $26.87/hour, 437 jobs
  10. Oregon: $53,173/year, $26.53/hour,  272 jobs

Cities with the Highest HVAC Technician Salaries in Each State

Within each state, factors such as general population and cost of goods per city can sway average salary amounts. Now that we’ve covered the average HVAC technician salary in each state, it’s time to do some digging into city-specific regions across the nation.

In the United States, the highest paying cities for HVAC technicians are Windsor Locks, CT ($105,042/year), Arvada, CO ($105,042/year), and Woburn, MA (83,599/year). Although these numbers are roughly double than the national average, they are not the common situation for most city locations.

With a current national average of $47,279 a year and $23.59 per hour, take a look at the highest paying cities in each state to see how your expected salary offerings compare.

  • Montgomery, AL: $51,700/year, $25.79/hour
  • Anchorage, AK: $55,661/year, $27.77/hour
  • Paradise Valley, AZ :$59,211/year, $29.59/hour
  • Bentonville, AR: $47,378/year, $23.64/hour
  • Ontario, CA: $73,058/year, $36.45/hour
  • Arvada, CO: $105,042/year, $52.41/hour
  • Windsor Locks, CT: $110,248/year, $55.01/hour
  • Claymont, DE: $64,858/year, $32.36/hour
  • Tampa, FL: $46,426/year, $23.16/hour
  • Roswell, GA: $79,029/year, $39.43/hour
  • Waianae, HI: $70,151/year, $35.00/hour
  • Coeur d’Alene, ID: $49,769/year, $24,83/hour
  • Downers Grove, IL: $61,852/year, $30.86/hour
  • Fishers, IN: $73,010/year, $36.43/hour
  • Ankeny, IA: $51,513/year, $25.70/hour
  • Shawnee, KS: $59,880/year, $29.88/hour
  • Walton, KY: $54,892/year, $27.39/hour
  • Lafayette, LA: $69,710/year, $34.78/hour
  • Scarborough, ME: $67,592/year, $33.72/hour
  • Columbia, MD: $77,638/year, $38.74/hour
  • Woburn, MA: $83,599/year, $41.71/hour
  • Warren, MI: $59,488/year, $29.68/hour
  • Forest Lake, MN: $67,658/year, $33.76/hour
  • Jackson, MS: $47,752/year, $23.82/hour
  • Saint Charles, MO: $56,073/year, $27.98/hour
  • Kalispell, MT: $67,328/year, $30.45/hour
  • Columbus, NE: $56,863/year, $28.37/hour
  • North Las Vegas, NV: $56,925/year, $28.40/hour
  • New Hampshire: $76,278/year, $38.06/hour
  • Cherry Hill, NJ: $68,639/year, $34.25/hour
  • Peralta, NM: $50,192/year, $25.04/hour
  • Medford, NY: $70,221/year, $35.03/hour
  • Charlotte, NC $46,573/year, $23.24/hour
  • Williston, ND: $67,194/year, $33.52/hour
  • Grove City, OH: $66,193/year, $33.03/hour
  • Oklahoma City, OK: $46,174/year, $23.03/hour
  • Canby, OR: $66,942/year, $33.40/hour
  • Audubon, PA: $60,430/year, $30.15/hour
  • Bristol, RI: $80,567/year, $40.20/hour
  • Aiken, SC: $60,717/year, $30.29/hour
  • Sioux Falls, SD: $65,416/year, $32.64/hour
  • Nashville, TN: $47,615/year, $23.76/hour
  • Garland, TX: $48,947/year, $24.42/hour
  • Sandy, UT: $58,917/year, $29.40/hour
  • Williston, VT: $65,676/year, $37.77/hour
  • Manassas, VA: $77,938/year, $38.89/hour
  • Everett, WA: $71,203/year, $35.52/hour
  • Charleston, WV: $56,769/year, $28.31/hour
  • Lake Geneva, WI: $69,934/year, $34.89/hour
  • Laramie, WY: $76,045/year, $37.94/hour
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