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The Best Electrician Calculators

The Best Electrician Calculators

March 29, 2021

There are a lot of formulas and figures an electrician needs for the jobs and projects they’re hired to do, and it’s not easy to memorize them or solve them on the fly. It’s hard to have to keep referencing a book or the Internet to find the results you need!

Plus, it often takes time away from your current job, which then affects any future jobs you could have taken while you were slaving over numbers and math. All is not lost, though—there are technological advancements that are here for you.

From phone apps to computer programs, there are electrician calculators that will get you fast answers to any electrical formula you can think of.

Best Electrical Phone Calculators

It can get tiresome carrying around the appropriate electrician reference guides and a calculator to all of your jobs, plus the added mental weight of memorizing the necessary formulas you constantly need. Thankfully, there are plenty of phone apps that can do the hard work and heavy lifting for you. We’ve picked out some of our favorites below!

Ugly’s Electrical Reference‪s — Don’t let the name scare you off—Ugly’s has been working with and for electricians for more than 35 years, and have built an app that contains calculators and references all in one! Ugly’s Electrical References has calculators for all aspects of your electrical jobs, as well as guides that are constantly updated to be in line with the NEC. 

Contractor Calculator — FieldPulse’s Contractor Calculator app is a necessity for all types of contractor jobs. It features calculators and references, as well as invoicing options and the ability to save and share formulas and figures with customers and employees alike.

ElectriCalc Pro App — The ElectriCalc Pro App puts the functionality of an ElectriCalc Pro calculator right in your pocket. It’s fully compliant with the most recent NEC guidelines, and can help you with calculations ranging from wire sizes to calculating BTU using kilowatts per hour measurements. There’s also a built-in user guide for quick and easy help.

Electrodoc — The Electrodoc app (previously Electrodroid) is a simple yet comprehensive collection of calculators and references for electricians. There are dozens of built-in calculators for any conversion or calculation you may need to make on the job, as well as resources and information right in the app. There is a free version with ads as well as a paid Pro version.

Electrical Calculations — The Electrical Calculations app, on iOS and Android, is another simple yet incredibly handy app for electrical formulas. It features dozens of formulas, broken down into easily searchable categories, so everything you need is quickly accessible. 

Electrical Formulato‪r— One of the most comprehensive apps on our list is the Electrical Formulator app. It has hundreds of common conversion and calculation formulas, and features your most/recently used formulas for easy access. You can also save, email, and print your results to share with clients and teammates. It includes charts and online access to the Electrical Code, directly in the app.

Cable Calculator — For help with cable diameter dimensions, the Faber Cable Calculator app is what you should use. Simply enter a few values and the app handles the rest, taking into consideration the wire material and where the wires are being installed. The results can then be shared via email through the app. Available on Android/ IOS

Electrical Calc USA — The Electrical Calc USA app is another easy to use calculator app that’s an essential addition to any electrician’s phone. After the app completes the formula entered, it will display both the mathematical result as well as code results like wire and conduit sizing, based on the NEC. 

Electrical ToolKit — While it doesn’t have as many formulas as other apps on this list, the Electrical ToolKit app is the easiest to use and the most straight-forward in its design. It has a simple list of its formulas, and figures and measurements can be added easily and quickly.

Electrician’s Helper — The Electrician’s Helper app is a comprehensive calculator app that covers both the NEC and CEC guidelines. The app can help with both calculations and conversions, from calculating voltage drop to converting temperature scales.

Electrician Calculator Pro — The Electrician Calculator Pro app sets itself apart as the most comprehensive and easiest to use app on our list. It advertises that it contains “everything but the kitchen sink,” and includes hundreds of formulas and calculations in an easy to navigate and fill out format. Everything is compliant and constantly updated according to the NEC.

Online Electrician Calculators

Of course, you can’t depend on your phone for everything, even though we really try to nowadays. When you’re preparing for a job in your office or at home, it’s easier to be able to access the formulas and information you need right from your desktop or laptop. You don’t need to depend on Google to find help—we’ve gathered the best computer websites and programs right here!

Residential Electrical Load Calculator — The Residential Electrical Load Calculator is a browser based calculator that’s perfect for calculating the electrical service base for houses, and is NEC compliant. The website offers quick start guides specifically tailored for electricians of different experience levels, as well as general step-by-step instructions on how to use the calculator itself. 

Electrician Calculator Pro — This name looks familiar, doesn’t it? The Electrician Calculator Pro phone app is conveniently also available on your desktop, and boasts all of the same formulas and features! Using the same app on your phone for jobs and on your laptop back into your office is convenient and easy.

Voltage Drop Calculator — This calculator is another browser-based one. It’s a very basic site, and primarily ideal for determining the size conductor needed based on a 3% voltage drop. The site suggests consulting the NEC for any further calculations needed.

Rapid Tables — RapidTables is a reference site that has compiled links to a variety of different online calculators. There are dozens of electrical calculators available, and is a handy resource for quick access to a bunch of formulas.

Calculator Edge — Another browser-based program, Calculator Edge is a convenient source for electrical calculators and beyond! It features calculators for electricians, for mass length and battery life, and also has calculators for other types of engineers, making it a handy website for all contractors. 

Power Load Calculator — The Power Load Calculator determines the load on a circuit to see if it is excessive and calculates the minimum circuit breaker size. This website is helpful when planning a project, and is very simple and easy to use.

Inch Calculator — The Inch Calculator website is another resource site, with links to conversion calculators for electricians as well as other calculators that can be used during a job.

Electrician Calculators — The Electrician Calculators site advertises itself as the “premiere site” for electrical calculators, pulling directly from the National Electrical Resource Center. There is an annual fee of $49.95 for access to the copious links on the website.

VCalc — The VCalc website has an electricians calculator page, featuring common formulas broken down into helpful categories. The calculators are easy to use, and there is a helpful guide at the bottom for less experienced electricians.

Physical Electrical Calculators

ElectriCalc Pro Calculator — Deja vu, am I right? The ElectriCalc Pro Calculator is not just a phone app, or a computer program, but a physical calculator, too! If you really need that old-school, physical sensation of typing your figures into a real calculator, then this is for you. It has all of the same abilities and features that the app and computer program do, and is just as easy to use.

Electrician Cost Calculator

Now that you have your electrical calculations in hand for your next project, it’s time to move on to calculating your costs. Sure, you’ve made your job a little easier using a phone app or computer program to help you out with some formulas and figures, but there’s still more work to be done, and you deserve to be paid for your time!

If you’re struggling to figure out how much you should be charging for your work (both mental and physical), you can turn to FieldPulse’s electrical invoicing app. FieldPulse helps you break down commonly performed electrical jobs and duties and do calculations on the spot so you can invoice clients in minutes!

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