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The Million Dollar Plumber Joins Forces with FieldPulse: A Powerful Partnership Empowering Plumbing Businesses

The Million Dollar Plumber Joins Forces with FieldPulse: A Powerful Partnership Empowering Plumbing Businesses

December 1, 2023
Million Dollar Plumber & FieldPulse Partnership

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership between The Million Dollar Plumber and FieldPulse, combining their exceptional offerings to drive innovation in the plumbing industry with the tools, support and guidance plumbing businesses need to thrive and grow. 

This partnership is set to deliver unparalleled efficiency, organization, and growth opportunities for plumbing businesses across the globe by integrating The Million Dollar Plumbers’ proprietary Hourly Value Index (HVI) with FieldPulse’s highly-rated FSM platform and robust reporting capabilities.

If you’re a plumbing company that’s keen to get organized, grow your business and easily understand your profitability at a glance, then FieldPulse & The Million Dollar Plumber’s coaching program are for you!


About The Million Dollar Plumber:

For those not familiar with The Million Dollar Plumber, it is the industry’s leading provider of proven business systems and strategies specifically formulated for plumbing professionals. Their Success Academy has tried and trusted services that help plumbing businesses grow both their personnel and financially. They have successfully helped countless plumbers achieve remarkable growth and profitability by optimizing their business operations. And their proprietary HVI algorithm will help you achieve a level of financial proficiency in your business that you’ve never had before.


Why The Million Dollar Plumber and FieldPulse Partnered:

  1. Complementary Strengths:

MDP has been at the forefront of empowering plumbers with proven business strategies. Their expertise, combined with FieldPulse’s exceptional field service management software, creates a synergy that allows plumbers to achieve their true potential. Most importantly, both of our organizations are passionately motivated to help plumbing businesses succeed.

  1. Streamlined Operations:

The partnership aims to help plumbing business owners overcome the day-to-day operational challenges that often hinder their growth. By utilizing FieldPulse’s comprehensive suite of features (including our growing number of partnerships with plumbing supply and distribution companies to customize a plumbers pricebook and sales presentations), in combination with The Million Dollar Plumber’s innovative coaching and financial reporting model, plumbers can optimize their time, manage their teams/inventory more effectively, and allocate resources efficiently.

  1. Enhanced Professionalism:

FieldPulse’s advanced mobile app equips plumbers with the tools to project professionalism and create exceptional customer experiences. Real-time appointment updates, professional estimates, invoices and sales proposals, as well as  seamless communication ensure that plumbing businesses using FieldPulse are perceived as reliable and trustworthy.

  1. Growth Opportunities:

The collaboration between The Million Dollar Plumber and FieldPulse opens up tremendous growth possibilities for plumbing businesses. By implementing MDP’s proven business strategies and financial models, coupled with advanced field service management software, plumbers can scale their operations and increase revenue*.

*FieldPulse users grow their revenue 58% year-over-year on average.


How the Million Dollar Plumber integration with FieldPulse Works:

Import your Million Dollar Plumber Pricebook into FieldPulse with costs, profit margins and HVI values included 

  • View your HVI values in FieldPulse when creating Estimates, Invoices and/or Quotes.
  • Run reports on your total HVI for the day, week, month and/or year through FieldPulse’s robust reporting dashboard

To get a better understanding of how The Million Dollar Plumber’s HVI integration works within FieldPulse, click on the video below.


FieldPulse’s Comprehensive Suite of Features:

FieldPulse, the #1 rated  field service management software, offers an extensive suite of features designed to streamline operations for service-based businesses. With its powerful set of tools, plumbers no longer need to juggle paperwork, struggle with scheduling, or waste time manually managing invoices and customer information. FieldPulse eliminates these challenges, allowing plumbers to focus on what they do best – serving their customers.

FieldPulse users save an average of 4 hours per week on administrative tasks.


The groundbreaking partnership between MDP and FieldPulse marks a significant milestone for the plumbing industry. This collaboration merges the expertise of The Million Dollar Plumber with the cutting-edge technology offered by FieldPulse, allowing plumbers to streamline operations, enhance professionalism, and unlock limitless growth potential.

We are excited to witness the positive impact this partnership will have on the plumbing community, as countless businesses harness the power of The Million Dollar Plumber’s business strategies and FieldPulse’s plumbing software. Together, we are revolutionizing the way plumbing businesses operate, empowering them to achieve unparalleled success.


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