What Do I Pay My People: Plumbing Salaries By State

April 19, 2021
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As with any type of professional, when plumbers are on the hunt for a new job position, one of the first details they’ll look for is the listed pay rate. If you want to attract the top men and women to your plumbing company, you’ll want to make sure you’re offering competitive rates — and paying your potential employees what they’re worth.

But how do you know what to pay your people? From hourly pay to annual salary, plumber wages vary from state to state for a variety of reasons, including the local cost of living and current demands in the job market. Fortunately, state averages make it easy to determine a fair plumbing salary where you live.

Whether your company is stationed way out in Anchorage, Alaska, or smack city-center in the heart of Los Angeles, California, we’ve got you covered with a state-by-state breakdown of plumbing salaries across the country. Check out how your company’s location compares to the rest of the country to learn what to pay your people.

On Average, How Much Does a Plumber Make?

Currently, the average hourly rate for professional plumbers in the United States is $24.64. Outside of the average hourly rate, the average base salary for a plumber in the United States is $51,433 a year.

Bear in mind, this is a nationwide total and may not accurately reflect your company's specific location. As we mentioned earlier, the cost of living and current demand for local jobs significantly influences the average plumber’s salary on a state and city level.

For instance, the state of Massachusetts currently offers plumbers an average annual base salary of $69,978. This is a whopping 36% above the national average. More specifically, certain Massachusetts cities such as Wakefield and Wilmington hold annual salary averages of up to $100,720 — which is more than double the average of certain states.

In comparison, the state of Mississippi currently offers plumbers an average base salary of $45,470 a year. This is 12% lower than the national average. In Ocean Springs, MS, the average is $42,668 a year, which is nearly $10,000 less than the national average.

Plumber Salary Averages By State

With plumber salary averages ranging quite significantly across the country, breaking down each state’s average can help you better understand what you should be offering potential employees. Though specific salary amounts may vary depending on position type — such as a beginner’s apprenticeship or experienced Master Plumber position — we compiled a list of the most recent plumber salaries for each state across the country.

  1. Alabama: $51,964/year, $24.89/hour
  2. Alaska: $64,940, $31.11/hour
  3. Arizona: $51,793/year, $24.81/hour
  4. Arkansas:$46,308/year, $22.18/hour
  5. California: $56,149/year, $26.90/hour
  6. Colorado: $57,405/year, $27.50/hour
  7. Connecticut: $62,082/year, $29.74/hour
  8. Delaware: $51,129/year, $24.49/hour
  9. Florida: $44,558/year, $21.34/hour
  10. Georgia: $47,601, $22.80/hour
  11. Hawaii: $43,991/year, $21.07/hour
  12. Idaho: $45,487/year, $21.79/hour
  13. Illinois: $42,612/year, $20.41/hour
  14. Indiana: $42,605/year, $20.41/hour
  15. Iowa: $49,597/year, $23.76/hour
  16. Kansas: $43,501/year, $20.84/hour
  17. Kentucky: $44,662/year, $21.39/hour
  18. Louisiana: $46,113/year, $22.09/hour
  19. Maine: $53,687/year,  $25.72/hour
  20. Maryland: $56,809/year, $27.21/hour
  21. Massachusetts: $69,978/year, $33.52/hour
  22. Michigan: $49,354/year,  $23.64/hour
  23. Minnesota: $64,582/year, $30.94/hour
  24. Mississippi: $45,470/year, $21.78/hour
  25. Missouri:$48,941/year, $23.44/hour
  26. Montana: $67,262/year, $32.22/hour
  27. Nebraska: $51,481/year, $24.66/hour
  28. Nevada: $50,416/year, $24.15/hour
  29. New Hampshire: $61,592/year, $29.50/hour
  30. New Jersey: $58,174/year, $27.87/hour
  31. New Mexico: $38,958/year, $18.66/hour
  32. New York: $52,516/year, $25.16/hour
  33. North Carolina: $46,110/year, $22.09/hour
  34. North Dakota:$49,020/year, $23.48/hour
  35. Ohio: $49,089/year, $23.51/hour
  36. Oklahoma: $48,188/year, $23.08/hour
  37. Oregon: $45,799/year, $21.94/hour
  38. Pennsylvania: $50,301/year, $24.09/hour
  39. Rhode Island: $60,573/year, $29.01/hour
  40. South Carolina: $45.918/year, $22.00/hour
  41. South Dakota: $65,725/year, $31.48/hour
  42. Tennessee: $46,228/year $22.14/hour
  43. Texas: $50,129/year, $24.01/hour
  44. Utah: $57,358/year, $27.47/hour
  45. Vermont: $45,588/year, $21.84/hour
  46. Virginia: $51,539/year, $24.69/hour
  47. Washington: $65,306/year, $31.28/hour
  48. West Virginia: $46,005/year, $22.04/hour
  49. Wisconsin: $66,656/year, $31.93/hour
  50. Wyoming: $42,143/year, $20.19/hour

Top 10 Highest Paying States and Current Job Availability

As you can see, salary averages across the country can vary significantly depending on the specific location your plumbing company resides. However, just because a position may pay more in a certain state doesn’t mean that the position is in higher demand. Take a look at the top 10 highway paying states for plumbing salaries as well as the current job availability in each location.

  1. Massachusetts: $69,978/year, $33.52/hour, 295 jobs
  2. Montana: $67,262/year, $32.22/hour, 32 jobs
  3. Wisconsin: $66,656/year, $31.93/hour, 117 jobs
  4. South Dakota: $65,725/year, $31.48/hour, 51 jobs
  5. Washington: $65,306/year, $31.28/hour, 214 jobs
  6. Alaska: $64,940, $31.11/hour, 16 jobs
  7. Minnesota: $64,582/year, $30.94/hour, 171 jobs
  8. Connecticut: $62,082/year, $29.74/hour, 114 jobs
  9. New Hampshire: $61,592/year, $29.50/hour, 47 jobs
  10. Rhode Island: $60,573/year, $29.01/hour, 18 jobs

Cities with the Highest Plumbing Salaries in Each State

So, now that you know what the average salary is for your state, it’s time to take a look at the effect individual city location has on plumbing salaries. It’s important to remember that it’s not only your business's state that influences average salary amounts, but the city you’re located in as well.

Across the country, the top three highest-paying cities for plumbers were Middlefield, CT ($150,311), Orem, UT ($121,607) and Mukilteo, WA ($113,842). While these averages are drastically above the national average — and not the common situation in most U.S city locations — you can see just how city-specific factors influence a plumber’s average salary.

With a U.S. annual average of $51,433 per year and $24.64 per hour, let's take a look at the highest paying cities in each state to see how your current expected salary offering compares.

  • Tuscaloosa, AL: $67,649/year, $32.40/hour
  • Anchorage, AK: $66,253/year, $31.74/hour
  • Mesa, AZ: $90,473/year,  $43.34/hour
  • Jonesboro, AR: $51,259/year, $24.66/hour
  • Rancho Cucamonga, CA: $99,403/year, $47.61/hour
  • Lakewood, CO: $83,298/year, $40.00/hour
  • Middlefield, CT: $150,311/year, $72.00/hour
  • Wilmington, DE: $89,369/year, $42.81/hour
  • West Palm Beach, FL: $51,231/year, $24.54/hour
  • Lawrenceville, GA: $87,094/year, $41.72/hour
  • Pearl City, HI: $73,627/year, $35.27/hour
  • Meridian, ID: $59,804/year, $28.65/hour
  • Arlington Heights, IL: $94,787/year, $45.40/hour
  • Greenwood, IN: $72,917/year,  $34.93/hour
  • Altoona, IA: $60,180/year, $28.83/hour
  • Overland Park, KS: $92,847/year, $44.47/hour
  • Lexington, KY: $68,391/year, $32.76/hour
  • Mandeville, LA: $80,235/year, $38.43/hour
  • York, ME: $59,996/year, $28.74/hour
  • Beltsville, MD: $96,612/year, $46.28/hour
  • Wakefield, MA: $100,720/year, $48.25/hour
  • Farmington Hills, MI: $74,990/year $35.92/hour
  • Saint Paul, MN: $88,247/year, $42.27/hour
  • Ridgeland, MS:  $76,828/year, $36.80/hour
  • Saint Charles, MO: $96,899/year, $46.42/hour
  • Bozeman, MT: $70,120/year, $33.59/hour
  • Seward, NE: $76,135/year, $36.47/hour
  • Henderson, NV: $54,886/year, $26.29/hour
  • Auburn, NH: $92,199/year, $44.16/hour
  • Mount Laurel, NJ: $81,720/year, $39.14/hour
  • Rio Rancho, NM: $57,355/year, $27.47/hour
  • Ronkonkoma, NY: $72,844/year, $34.89/hour
  • Kernersville, NC: $81,546/year, $39.06/hour
  • North Dakota: N/A
  • Miamisburg, OH: $82,506/year, $40.00/hour
  • Edmond, OK:$65,736/year, $31.49/hour
  • Portland, OR: $70,028/year, $33.54/hour
  • Media, PA: $66,403/year, $31.81/hour
  • Newport, RI: $79,292/year, $37.98/hour
  • Rock Hill, SC: $69,267/year, $33.18/hour
  • Sioux Falls, SD: $60,092/year, $28.78/hour
  • Franklin, TN: $54,226/year, $25.97/hour
  • Rockwall, TX: $73,258/year, $35.09/hour
  • Orem, UT: $121,607/year, $58.25/hour
  • Vermont: N/A
  • Falls Church, VA: $90,258/year, $43.23/hour
  • Mukilteo, WA: $113,842/year, $54.53/hour
  • Harpers Ferry, WV: $65,180/year, $33.52/hour
  • Green Bay, WI: $87,398/year, $41.86/hour
  • Jackson, WY: $58,022/year, $27.79/hour

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