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Good, Better, Best Proposal App

Increase margins, close more deals, and streamline the sales process.​ FieldPulse's good, better, best proposal app offers three distinct product options to cater to different client needs and budgets.

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Present 2-5 pricing options to your customers
Turn Good, Better, Best Proposals Into Invoices Instantly
Showcase Financing Options
Pull options from your pricebooks

Offer Good, Better, Best Pricing In 3 Easy Steps​


1. Pull Info from Your Library​

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2. Prepare Your Options​

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3. Generate a Proposal​

What is the good, better, best approach to pricing?

Good, better, best pricing is a tiered pricing strategy that enables you to offer products at a variety of price points to meet the needs of different customer segments. By offering a variety of products and services at different price points, you can appeal to a wider range of customers and generate more sales and higher profits.

Good, better, best pricing can be applied to just about any product or service. You can use it to offer a variety of different services to your customers, or you can offer different levels of features to your customers depending on what they value most.

Want to learn more? Check out FieldPulse’s good, better, best pricing guide.

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How to use the good, better, best pricing strategy.

There are several ways to apply the good, better, best pricing strategy. One way is to offer different levels of features for a product or service. The three tiers could be: no features, basic features, and premium features. For example, you might offer a product with the following tiers of features:

  • No Features – a basic product that is priced low without extras;
  • Basic Features – the most common set of features; and
  • Premium Features – additional premium features that are more expensive. These may include customer support or aftermarket services such as installation assistance.
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If customers don’t need these services they can use the lower-priced version of your product and save money. If they do need these services then they can choose the higher-priced version and receive additional value for their money.

You can also use good, better, best pricing to offer different levels of service when selling customers products. For example, you might have three tiers of service offerings:

  • No Service – a basic product that is priced low;
  • Basic Service – the most common set of services; and
  • Premium Service – additional premium services that are more expensive. These may include maintenance agreements or installation assistance. 
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How do I set up good, better, best pricing for my company?

1. Define your packages.

FieldPulse’s good, better, best proposal app makes it easy to set up tiered pricing for your company.

Start by defining the different packages you want to offer. You can create as many packages as you’d like, but it’s best to start with just a few and then add more over time.

Good Better Best Proposal

2. Create pricing templates inside of FieldPulse's variant proposal (good better best) app.

With FieldPulse’s variant proposal (good better best) tool, you can create plans for your different products or offerings, create different pricing levels for your customers, and add any additional features that you offer with photos.
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You can also track important details about each client, such as their buying profile, so you know when to adjust the price. Simply upload your customer list so you can use customers’ existing information to create accounts in FieldPulse.

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The FieldPulse Sales Suite

Good, better, best proposals.

FieldPulse’s Good, Better, Best, feature offers tiered pricing options for side-by-side product comparisons. With this feature, your techs are able to quote three different product or price level comparisons to your customers on the spot.

It allows your customers to easily visualize and understand the differences, benefits, and features associated with higher pricing options, while being able to compare lower-priced or value offerings simultaneously. Once a selection has been made, the FieldPulse app will automatically track and calculate sales commissions on the resulting estimates or invoices using a percentage of either gross sales or profit.

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FieldPulse pricebooks.

The FieldPulse Pricebook allows you to manage a book of any services you sell, ranging from full system installs to flat rate repairs. Supplied with our standard residential dataset, you can adjust and configure your pricebook to meet your needs, including items, markups, categorizations, and more.


Custom invoicing.

You can easily convert estimates into invoices when the job is finished with FieldPulse. All your invoices will be kept neat, organized, and accessible at a moment’s notice.

Our Custom Invoicing feature lets you easily customize your invoices, while also integrating product and service bundles. Instantly view costs and profits per invoice, and keep track of all your important files like notes, forms, and maintenance agreements. 

Custom Invoice

By far, the best thing about FieldPulse is their customer service; it feels like they are more business partners.

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