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Tips, tricks, and guides to help you build a service business. Helpful content ranging from creating a website to how to bill your customers.

49 Sure-fire Tips for Contractor Success in 2019

49 Sure-fire Tips for Contractor Success in 2019

As business owners, we want to build something valuable and long-lasting. To do that, it takes these three time-tested steps: Get the day-to-day operations running right, make the business more profitable, then accelerate your growth. We are always learning from our customers, and these are 49 ways we’ve watched them build long-term businesses. Manage More...

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

What to Look for When Hiring a Virtual Assistant

*** Note: This is a guest post from Pink Callers, an administrative support solution that assigns remote office staff to field service businesses working on FieldPulse***   Hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) is very similar to hiring a traditional employee. Even though they work remotely, a VA is someone that becomes part of your team...

Why You Should Accept Credit Card Payments

6 Reasons Your Competitors Are Taking Credit Card Payments

For contractors, cash is often king. But just because you prefer cash payments doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also offer a credit card payment alternative. Sure, having a credit card processor take a percentage off the top of each bill feels like it cuts into profits, but the convenience to your business and customers can make...

Contractor Business Cards

Contractor Business Cards that Make You Stand Out

How do you make a great first impression as a contractor? Providing great customer service, a strong product, and showing up on time are extremely important. But the first step to landing a new job could be good-looking contractor business cards. Handing a potential customer an attractive business card will help you win a job,...

FieldPulse Payments Announcement

FieldPulse Payments Launches to Get You Paid Faster

Managing cash flow and getting paid are significant challenges for contractors. Many companies still rely on cash and checks for a majority, if not all of their payments. The reality is that today’s customers expect to be able to pay with credit cards. Cards are accepted almost anywhere, so why can’t their service provider take...