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5 Questions Every Contractor Should Ask

5 Questions Every Contractor Should Ask

One challenge contractors face in winning business is anticipating new opportunities. It’s easy to miss hearing about a new project until after the fact – when there’s no chance to win the business. Even if you have a good relationship with the customer. The reason? You’re not top of mind. Some projects are spur of...

Digital vs Analog AC Manifold Gauges

Digital vs Analog AC Manifold Gauges Review

*** Note: This is a guest post from and includes links to products on their own site. AC manifold gauges are some of the most commonly used tools relied upon by HVAC techs. From measuring refrigerant pressure to performing leak tests and refrigerant charging, they are essential tools for AC diagnosis and servicing. For...

QuickBooks Job Costing

Should You Be Using QuickBooks Job Costing?

If you’re like a lot of contractors, you’re likely using QuickBooks for your accounting needs. It’s one of the most popular products on the market. But are you using the QuickBooks job costing features? Job costing can be a critical step in growing your contracting business. By tracking your costs and profitability on every job,...