Disney's Go Away Green

May 7, 2021
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With all of the excitement surrounding Disney’s theme parks, chances are, even seasoned painters haven’t stopped to admire the paint job. However, you might want to take notice of the two paint colors scenic painters and Disney Imagineers have collaborated to create: Go Away Green and Blending Blue. These shades are two of the most common paint colors used at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, yet they’re designed to be completely ignored.

Dubbed some of the painters’ secret tricks, these colors help camouflage eyesores, such as garbage cans, doors and large construction walls. While the specific color codes are kept under wraps from outside painters, let’s take a look at how you can help customers camouflage their property’s biggest eyesores using tricks straight from the sleeve of Disney.

The Problem: Unsightly Areas Around Customer Properties

If you’ve ever been to Walt Disney World or Disneyland before, you can only imagine how massive of a paint job was required to create the parks that millions of people enjoy each year. In addition to delivering detailed paint jobs to the park’s many attractions, many necessary — yet unappealing — components such as trash cans, staff doors and large building walls have to be blended into the surrounding environment as well.

Although you may not be dealing with properties as large as Walt Disney World on your daily jobs, even smaller properties such as a 2-bedroom home can present eyesores that customers want to conceal from view. From outdoor gas meters and water pumps to unusual doorways and garbage cans, a simple paint job can go a long way when working to hide these visual obstructions.

This is where Go Away Green and Blending Blue come in. Using the power of color blending techniques, you can help customers camouflage these unappealing components of their home all while delivering a top-quality paint job they will love.

The Solution: Paint Colors Designed to Go Unnoticed

As the Imagineers over at Disney work to conceal the not-so-magical areas of their property, painting service business owner operators should also consider this tactic when working with customers. Though the scenic painters at Walt Disney World and Disneyland can’t make unappealing trash cans or staff doorways miraculously disappear, specific colors and painting techniques can be used to make them become easily ignorable.

Since the parks contain various structures that require concealment, such as backstage buildings and surrounding construction zones, Disney painters use varying shades of Go Away Green and Blending Blue to match the surrounding scenery. Likewise, with Disneyland being located in California and Walt Disney World being located in Florida, the varying landscapes and resulting hues have created a significant need for varying shades that help camouflage eyesores into the foreground.

To better understand what these colors can do for your customers and their painting needs, take a look at the options below.

Option 1: Go Away Green

As one the most heavily used colors within the Disney parks, Go Away Green is a color combination of the park’s surrounding greenery mixed alongside gray, green and brown hues that tone down the color’s brightness. This addition of dull hues is what makes Go Away Green an excellent option to conceal both large structures and small park components. As a matter of fact, Go Away Green is currently being used large-scale to conceal the ongoing Ratatouille attraction construction zone from surrounding attractions already in operation.

Although customer color requests will vary from person to person, you’ll want to keep Go Away Green variants in mind for customers looking to conceal eyesores around the outside of their property. More specifically, for property locations surrounding plentiful greenery, such as California and Florida, Go Away Green helps blend unwanted structures in a clean and visually appealing way.

Although Disney has yet to release the specific color codes of Go Away Green used within the parks, there are known readily available comparables you should consider adding to your shopping list. Take a look at these Go Away Green dupes to help camouflage customer concerns:

Option 2: Blending Blue

Blending Blue is a close cousin of Go Away Green — and though it is one of the lesser used colors among Disney park, it’s another paint option used to blend and conceal structures into the surrounding scenery. Interestingly, Disney Imagineers found that while one shade of Blending Blue worked perfectly with the light blue California skyline in Disneyland, it contrasted with Florida’s darker skyline at Walt Disney World.

So, much like Go Away Green, a few varieties of Blending Blue were developed using various grey and green hues to match a park’s specific location. For instance, the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster attraction building located at Walt Disney World uses Blending Blue to match the Florida sky and help remove the large structural distraction from the surrounding park’s setting.

Similarly, painters should consider offering comparable Blending Blue variants to customers looking to match the scenery of the soft blue sky. Blending Blue can be used on entire home structures or can be used more specifically on property components such as fences, garage doors and sheds.

As with Go Away Green, Blending Blue color codes are not known but there are some known comparables you should consider:

  1. Worn Denim: Dunn Edwards Paints
  2. New Day: Valspar Paints
  3. Keepsakes: Gliddens

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