What Is Field Service Management?

May 5, 2021
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Proper management is at the heart of every productive business, and service-based industries are certainly no exception. However, for service-based businesses that rely on worker productivity out in the field, management quickly becomes a multi-faceted objective — this is where Field Service Management (FSM) comes in. FSM is the process of managing workers, equipment, service and operations while in the field.

From scheduling and assigning work, dispatching, inventory management, and collecting data, if it happens in the field, it falls under FSM. By properly optimizing your FSM, you can simplify your operations with ease, cut out the inefficiencies and streamline your daily tasks. Keep reading to learn exactly what FSM is and how the proper software can optimize your field service business.

What Exactly is Field Service Management?

Whether you’re an HVAC technician or local water works contractor, chances are, you will have employees working on jobs outside of your company office or property. This is where field service comes in. Field service is any sort of service that is provided out in the field versus being completed on a company property.

In order for field service to be both productive and profitable, proper oversight is necessary — hence, where the term ‘Field Service Management’ originates. FSM includes the processes required to manage field technicians and workers by dispatching work order assignments, managing company assets like vehicles and equipment, and collecting customer data.

Who Should Utilize Field Service Management?

For anyone wondering if field service management is right for them, the answer is simple. From plumbing and trade industries to mobile healthcare and real estate, if you have workers that leave the office to get the job done, FSM is right for you. Likewise, blended workforces, which include full-time employees and independent contractors working side-by-side, require tools that can adequately accommodate varying schedules and work orders.

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many teams have also needed to adjust their day-to-day operations to help keep staff and customers safe. FSM works to provide employees with all necessary work order details and tools to effectively get the job done remotely with minimal face to face communication.

What Are the Benefits of Field Service Management?

Incorporating FSM into your company operations provides multiple benefits to help boost daily proficiency and productivity. While the specific management needs of a business will vary, the benefits of FSM include:

  • Enhanced efficiency. FSM offers company managers crucial tools and tactics that replace outdated methods of pen and paper. This helps get critical work order details distributed more effectively, allowing worker productivity to increase.
  • Broader visibility. To help streamline daily operations, FSM software helps managers better track, manage, and assess customer and work order details to get the job done quicker — and without unnecessary administrative hiccups.
  • Increased availability for customers. When unnecessary administrative tasks are eliminated and converted into automated processes through FSM, organizing everyday work flows is significantly easier. This allows for quicker job completions and increased availability for customers.

How FSM Software Can Optimize Your Business

The most vital tool to have when implementing a FSM strategy is the right management software. With the proper field service management software, business operators receive access to numerous tools and features that can significantly increase overall business success. Not only can FSM software increase worker production and overall customer satisfaction, but it can also cut back on manual processes that improve your bottom line.

When searching for the right FSM software for your business, make sure these crucial features are supplied:

  • Task management and scheduling. To make sure you and your field service workers never miss a task, ensure your software is equipped with task management capabilities. With FSM software, you can remotely assign tasks to workers, distribute required customer data and track job completion all with the touch of a button.
  • Invoicing, estimates and mobile payment integration. A top-notch FSM software should be equipped with invoicing and mobile payment capabilities. With such software, you can quickly create itemized estimates and invoices for customers, while allowing quick mobile payment via credit card. A QuickBooks integration can also help you track your financial flow of cost and profit all from one place.
  • Customer management and communication. FSM software should make customer communication a breeze. FSM software with customer management and communication capabilities can store and share critical customer details with workers when needed, while allowing you to communicate arrival time reminders and follow-up messages to customers through SMS text or email communication.
  • GPS and time-tracking.  A FSM platform with GPS and time-tracking capabilities can help you monitor daily worker productivity without clunky additional software. Workers are clocked in with the touch of a button, allowing managers to easily track hours, job statuses and current location from one convenient platform.

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