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Formerly IntegraPay, Payrix has partnered with FieldPulse to bring contractors the perfect duo for effortless payments and streamlined invoicing. Boost your business efficiency today!

FieldPulse Payments views on web and mobile app

Customize invoices and track payments.

You can easily convert estimates into invoices when the job is finished with FieldPulse. Instantly view costs and profits per invoice and report on revenue over time. If you want to see your profits by week, month, quarter, or year, you can easily select specific date ranges and export customized reports through our Profit Tracking and Reporting feature.

Once the payment has been made, it’ll show up in QuickBooks as a credit card transaction. Use our contractor invoice app’s e-signature feature to get your customer’s stamp of approval quickly, and easily check in on a payment’s status through the app.

Custom Invoice

Speed up invoicing with pricebooks.

We know that explaining pricing to customers can be difficult, especially when they don’t understand the details of exactly what each job requires.

Our Good, Better, Best feature allows you to offer service bundles to your customers with three options: one value-priced, one mid-range, and one premium. We’ve made it easy to upsell by adding high-end materials and features to your offerings. The Pricebook also comes with simple task descriptions, and images you can upload to help your techs clearly communicate the value of the service to the customer.

Comfortmaker System Pricebook

Increase customer satisfaction

FieldPulse’s CRM helps businesses invoice faster, track payments, and collect valuable reviews for more job opportunities. Centralized customer data streamlines invoicing, while payment tracking ensures timely payments. With personalized communication, businesses gather positive reviews, boosting their reputation and attracting new customers. This drives growth and success.

FieldPulse Customer Communication Review on Desktop and Mobile App

Boost sales with maintenance agreements.

With FieldPulse’s Maintenance Agreements feature, you can give your technicians the ability to instantly upsell with easily accessible sell sheets ranging from extended warranties, service contracts, and maintenance agreements that can be signed on the spot. Set up automated recurring jobs for maintenance contracts by creating one job and scheduling it to repeat with interval options like weekly, quarterly, annually, or custom ranges.

FieldPulse Maintenance Agreement Screenshot

Plus enjoy everything else you could need.

With FieldPulse, service businesses gain full control over their scheduling and dispatching processes, enabling them to provide exceptional service and achieve higher customer satisfaction levels. Through our intuitive platform, businesses can easily manage their entire workforce and service requests in real-time. With a user-friendly scheduling feature, companies can quickly assign tasks to the right employees based on availability, skills, and proximity to the job site. The powerful dispatching capabilities enable businesses to optimize routes and respond promptly to customer demands, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity. Moreover, the mobile app ensures that field employees stay connected and receive updates instantly, eliminating communication gaps and enhancing overall operational efficiency. 

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